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Kinesiology: Holly Senn

Marriage and Family Therapy: Genevieve Williams

Nursing: Genevieve Williams

Social Work: Roberto Arteaga

Anthropology: Roberto Arteaga

Economics: Roberto Arteaga

English: Roberto Arteaga

Gender, Sexuality and Race Studies: Holly Senn

Global Studies: Holly Senn

History: Lauren Loftis

Holocaust & Genocide Studies: Holly Senn

Languages and Literatures: Roberto Arteaga

Native American & Indigenous Studies: Holly Senn

Philosophy: Holly Senn

Political Science & Pre-Law: Roberto Arteaga

Publishing & Printing Arts: Holly Senn

Religion: Roberto Arteaga

Sociology & Criminology: Roberto Arteaga

Biology: Genevieve Williams

Chemistry: Genevieve Williams

Computer Science: Genevieve Williams

Environmental Studies: Genevieve Williams

Geosciences: Genevieve Williams

Mathematics: Genevieve Williams

Physics: Genevieve Williams

Psychology: Roberto Arteaga

Art & Design: Holly Senn

Business: Roberto Arteaga

Communication: Holly Senn

Education: Holly Senn

Innovation Studies: Roberto Arteaga

Music: Genevieve Williams

Theatre & Dance: Holly Senn