Your Lutecard is your library card. When you first check out a book, our circulation staff will add a barcode to the back of your Lutecard. Visiting borrowing page for more information about borrowing periods, fines, and number of items that you can check out.

The Mortvedt Library at Pacific Lutheran University does not accept unsolicited gifts of materials.

There are study rooms on every floor that can be reserved for private and group study (reserve a room online) — when using these rooms be aware that noise travels, so please be courteous.

Library, 3rd floor: Silent Study
Library, 2nd floor: Light conversation while studying
Library, 1st floor: Collaborative study area

Off-campus access to subscription resources, such as article databases, online journals, and online reference materials, is available to current PLU students, faculty, and staff.

PLU alumni and visitors are welcome to use online resources when visiting campus. You may bring your own Wi-Fi enabled device and log in as a guest, or staff will log you into a computer that will provide access to library resources. Due to vendor licensing restrictions, we regret that access to library resources from off campus is not available to PLU alumni; ePass access expires upon graduation. An alumni library card does not include off campus access to library resources.

Mortvedt Library patrons are responsible for their behavior at all times.

We ask that Patrons familiarize themselves with the PLU Code of Conduct prior to visiting Mortvedt Library.

Mortvedt Library patrons must follow PLU’s Computer and Network use policies at all times.

Any infractions of PLU or Mortvedt Library policies will be dealt with in an appropriate manner.

Books are held for 7 days before being returned to the stacks.

Books are pulled from the regular shelves every morning, Monday-Saturday, and placed on the hold shelves near the front desk. Anything put on hold after 7:00AM Monday-Saturday will be put on the hold shelves on the next day.

Only books can be put on hold. CDs & DVDs cannot be placed on hold.

Library patrons who wish to post printed materials in Mortvedt Library must use the public cork boards located on either side of the exterior covered entryway to the Library.

Patrons may not post any printed material, handout, advertising, or flier within the Library without express written permission from the Manager of Access and Building Services. Patron’s are expressly forbidden from posting any material within the book stacks of the Library.

PLU’s Campuswide Advertising and Publicity Policies.

To renew PLU books and materials online, visit your Library Account page.

To renew Interlibrary Loan books, log into your Tipasa account.

Note: Lending libraries may not always grant ILL renewals. You are expected to return all items on time. All ILL loans are also subject to recall by the lending library.

Due to copyright law, it is illegal to show any movie in a public setting (i.e. anywhere outside home). The issue is not whether you charge admission, but whether you show the movie in a public setting. The definition of a public showing of a movie, according to copyright law, is to “display it at a place open to the public or at any place where a substantial number of persons outside of a normal circle of a family and its social acquaintances is gathered.”

It is fairly simple to obtain permission to show a popular, mainstream movie, but make sure you do it early in your planning process. It takes time and, in most cases, money. Contact the movie distributor and obtain permission to show the film. When you contact the distributor, be prepared to provide the following information: name and contact of your organization, where and to whom you will show the film, how your organization will pay for the rights to show the movie, whether or not you need a copy of the film.

  • A valid PLU email account is required to submit an online room reservation
  • Patrons may reserve up to 4 hours in a study room per day.
  • Patrons may not reserve multiple rooms simultaneously.
  • Rooms may be reserved up to one week in advance
  • A current, valid PLU ID card is required to check out a study room key from the front desk. The person checking out the key is responsible for the conduct in the room.
  • Leave the room promptly at the end of your allotted time, as another group may be waiting for the room
  • When finished with your room, return your key to the circulation desk. Please do not return study room keys in the book drop.
  • Keep group discussion at a level that does not disturb those in adjacent study areas
  • Turn off all equipment (computers, monitors, etc.) before leaving the room
  • Do NOT disconnect any equipment in the rooms
  • Do NOT cover or obscure any windows in the study rooms. Patrons who choose to cover the window in their study room will have their reservation cancelled and be asked to leave. Windows with blinds may have the blinds down.

Mortvedt Library is committed to providing a safe environment that is conducive to study and research in order to support Pacific Lutheran University’s commitment to educating students for lives of thoughtful inquiry, service, leadership and care.

Everyone is welcome at Mortvedt Library, including children and members of the public. However, to maintain a safe and welcoming environment, all visitors under the age of 18 who are not enrolled in PLU sponsored program must be accompanied by a parent, adult guardian, or adult caregiver.