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New Library Site

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January 22, 2020

Welcome to the new library site! If you have found your way here, thank you and we hope the changes we made help you navigate the content available to you through the library site and the library building more efficiently. As you may have heard from MarComm, all PLU sites are getting a revamp to help them be more mobile-friendly, accessible, and to improve overall usability. As one of the most visited PLU sites, we wanted to be as transparent as possible about the changes that were made and why we made these changes. Overall, the changes to the site reflect the guiding principles outlined by MarComm, but we also had to consider what aspects and pages of the site are used and viewed the most.

All this being said, we also expect that the changes we made will cause some issues whenever some people need to access a certain research resources or a library service. With this in mind, here is a rundown of the biggest changes we made and why those were made. If you would like to share feedback about the site, please complete this feedback form:

Main Page

The main page was redesigned for simplicity and to provide quick access to the most used resources and services in the library. We expect that these lists will change as we hear from library users about what resources or services will need to be highlighted more or less. The other big addition to the library site is the inclusion of a blog, and we will be using this to share general announcements (like this one) and information about all the library exhibits. You can access the blog directly by clicking “Library News” on the navigation menu, or clicking on a specific post.

Main Navigation

Like all new PLU pages, the library site has also implemented a side navigation menu that displays better on mobile devices. This menu will provide access to the most essential pages in the site, as well as links to more information about each of these pages. Below is a list of each category on the main menu, followed by a brief explanation of what you can find there.

Research Resources. Here you’ll be able to find all research resources available to you. Whether you are interested in databases, research guides, or making an appointment with a librarian, this will be the best place for you to start.

My Library. Under this category, we have collected all the information related to your library accounts. You will be able to access your library account and your ILL account.

Services. This category outlines all of the services the library provides to different users. Whether you are a student, an instructor, an alumni, or a visitor, you’ll be able to see what the library can do to assist you.

Places. Here you can find information about the library building and what you’ll find on each floor; this includes several campus services and other library collections.

About the Library. This category provides detailed information about library policies and other general information about the library.