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On Exhibit: Aquatic lifeforms

sculptures by 3-D design students

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May 10, 2024

This exhibit of student work is based on an art class assignment in which students created aquatic lifeforms, both real and fictional, using paper mache. There were 17 total art pieces ranging from dolphins to mermaids to seahorses

Class: 3-D Design, Spring ‘24
Professor: Steven Sobeck

Photos done by : Janelle Brockman


Artist: Gabriel Ortiz

Navy Manta Ray

Artist: Alyse Glaser


Artist: Autumn Vos


Artist: Esther Kim

Black Fish

Artist: Madeline Rue

Blue Angler Fish

Artist: Trinity-Grace Ramirez


Artist: Kasey Kindzerski


Artist: Stuart Gavidia

Sea Spider

Artist: Talitha Arnott

Sea Cucumber

Artist: Ivan Wilson

Manta Ray

Artist: Talia Leuzzi

Green Angler Fish

Artist: Marley Bjornstad

Brown Fish

Artist: Oliver Mayberry

Red Fish

Artist: Cedar Graham