Printing Information

Full time students have 100 prints or copies added to their Lutecards on September 1 and February 1; part-time students receive 50.  Additional funds can be added to your Lutecard at the Help Desk in the Library. You can also purchase Copicards there.

There are three sizes of prints available: letter, legal & 11×17. There is not cost difference when using a Lutecard or a Copicard. However, photocopies on 11×17 are charged as 2 pieces of paper.

Mobile/wireless printing information and link is here.

Pay With 8.5 x 11 or legal 11 x 17
B&W Color B&W Color
 Lutecard/Copicard  6 cents 10 cents 8 cents 10 cents
 Cash (limit 10 sheets) 10 cents 10 cents 10 cents 10 cents

Photocopying and Scanning

The library photocopiers can be used to scan and e-mail printed documents free of charge.  There is also one coin operated black and white photocopier.

Color Options

 B&W Color
 Scan yes yes
 Print yes yes
(select “GoPrint Release
Station Color”)
 Photocopy yes yes
(use the color photocopier)