Additional Assistance

If the information in this guide is not enough to answer your question, it may mean that you have a question that requires some assistance from a librarian or your professor. Here are a few ways to contact a librarian:

  • Schedule a Meeting: If you know which librarian you would like to meet with, you will be able to see their calendar and arrange a meeting with them.
  • By Email: You can contact any librarian by email. You can find that email as well as their areas of expertise in their respective profile.
  • Ask-a-Librarian: Outside of office hours when a PLU librarian may not be available, you can use our Ask-a-Librarian service to get assistance from university librarians 24/7.
  • By Phone: You can find each librarian’s phone in their profile page, but you can also contact the library at (253) 535-7500 and you’ll be redirected to the most appropriate librarian.