Our Vision

The Robert A.L. Mortvedt Library is committed to excellence in service that enables, empowers, and encourages life-long learning. The library provides access to information resources that advance the teaching of critical thinking and the pursuit of knowledge for the Pacific Lutheran University Community.

Our Mission

The mission of the library is to support the university in providing quality education in preparation for lives of service. To that end, we:

  • Provide quality customer service
  • Select, purchase, organize, and maintain a quality library collection
  • Offer access to material and information resources regardless of format or location
  • Anticipate information needs in an increasingly globalized community
  • Teach efficient techniques of information retrieval as well as critical evaluation and effective use of resources
  • Provide leadership in the use of information technology on campus
  • Promote diversity, intellectual integrity, and freedom of inquiry and expression

In an effort to realize our vision and carry out our mission, we recognize that the most important resource in our library is the people. Therefore, we will:

  • Empower staff with continuing education and training
  • Strive for a collaborative environment where staff contribute ideas freely, are innovative, creative, and take pride in their work.