Supplier Diversity

Pacific Lutheran University is committed to diversity, inclusion and care for communities as a means of upholding our mission. The Procurement Office has developed supplier diversity initiatives to ensure these values are represented in our purchasing decisions. In order to promote equal opportunity, departments are advised to seek out Diverse Business Enterprises during the bidding process.

Disadvantaged/Diverse Business Enterprise (DBE) – For-profit businesses that are at least 51% operated and owned by individuals who are socially and/or economically disadvantaged. Qualified DBEs also include those that identify and attest to being majority owned by the following categories: black, indigenous, other POC, veteran, women and/or LGBTQIA+.

Office of Minority and Women’s Business Enterprise (OMWBE) – A Washington State organization that provides resources to businesses owned by minorities, women and other under-represented communities in order to promote equitable participation and opportunity in the procurement process. The OMWBE is solely responsible for certifying small businesses as a DBE and provides resources to purchasing entities, like universities, to identify these businesses.

Sustainable Purchasing

Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (EPP) is the act of procuring goods and services that have a reduced impact on human health and the environment. Following EPP practices can promote our commitment to sustainability at PLU. Where possible, appropriate and economically feasible, preference should be made to environmentally friendly products that have the same quality and function with costs that are equal or better than traditional products. For example, environmentally preferred products include those that are biodegradable, compostable, recycled, and able to be used multiple times.

Supplier Diversity Best Practices

The OMWBE provides tips on how to be more inclusive to small and diverse businesses in the procurement process.

Learn More

Use the Washington Department of Enterprise Services Search Feature to find Diverse Business Contracts.

Business Card Policy

Did you know that 100 billion business cards are printed yearly? 88% of those are thrown away. In an effort to reduce waste and achieve additional cost savings, departments should not order business cards for new or existing employees unless absolutely necessary.

Debarred or Excluded Vendors

In accordance with the Uniform Guidance regulations, purchases should not be made to entities who have been debarred or excluded from doing business with the Federal Government. If you are unsure if a vendor has been debarred, you may use the search feature through or consult the Procurement Office for assistance.

Conflict of Interest

University employees are expected to employ only the highest standards of ethical principles throughout the procurement cycle. It is the responsibility of all employees to take appropriate steps in ensuring that the University does not knowingly enter into a financial commitment that results in a conflict of interest situation. Purchasers are prohibited from making any purchase from a vendor that results in personal gain for themselves or a closely related individual or entity.