How am I ``meant to live?``

Meant To Live is an annual program organized by students and for students as an integral part of the Wild Hope Center for Vocation.  By bringing together a wide variety of artists, professionals, musicians, performers, and intellectuals to share their stories, these homecoming-week events hope to reach students on a personal level. All Meant to Live speakers explore what experiences, people, and passions have brought them to their current situations and how meaning manifests itself in their lives.

Since Wild Hope supports vocational exploration, we challenge students to ask themselves “Big Enough Questions.” These are those profound questions to which we are drawn—questions that keep us up at night which deeply probe the human experience:

What am I living for? Whom do I truly want to become? How do I work towards something when I don’t even know what it ultimately is? How does what I am studying matter to me and my path in life? Do my actions make any real difference in the bigger scheme of things? Where can I be creative? What is my society or life or God asking of me? Anything? How much is enough? Do I want to bring children into the world? To what am I most vulnerable? Will I always be stereotyped? Do I want friendship, partnership, marriage? If so, why? With whom? How do I bear the pain of being able to see what really goes on in the world? What is my religion? Do I need one? What vision of the world is worth living for? Sacrificing for? Does what I consume help others, or does it hurt them? What are my questions?

These are the questions that each Meant to Live speaker and all students explore together. Watch the calendar for upcoming Meant to Live events!