Wild Hope Staff Seminar Past Participants, 2016-2019

Summer/Fall, 2016

Jessica Pagel, Office of Advancement, Alumni Relations
Josh Smith, I&TS
Tracy Pitt, School of Nursing

Summer/Fall, 2017

Darren Moore, I&TS
Ryan Branchini, Department of Education
Jen Hasson, Office of the Provost

Summer/Fall, 2018

Chris Albert, Marcom
Angie Hambrick, Office for DJS
Elizabeth Hopper, The Health Center
Cassandra Kopriva, Office of Admission
Mary Jo Larsen, Department of Education
Kelly Lauderdale, Student Financial Services
Dan Murray, Residential Life
Simone Smith, Disability Support Services

Summer/Fall, 2019

Melannie Denise Cunningham, Campus Ministry
Sandra Hensley, Facilities
Brant McAdams, Athletics
Andrea Michelbach, Advancement
Jasen Nieves-Herrera, Residential Life
Ron Noborikowa, Student Financial Services
Elli Pippin, Alumni & Student Connections
Christopher Samp, Advancement
Sharon Templeton, Residential Life