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Major Minute: English at PLU Trascription

[video: Professor Jim Albrecht is sitting in his office with a wall of books on shelves in the background.]

Professor Albrecht: Hi, I’m Professor Jim Albrecht from the PLU English Department, and this is my Major Minute.

[video: A visual countdown from three flashes on the screen in yellow and black colors. A countdown clock appears on the left side of the screen counting down from 60 seconds]

(timer beeping)

English is the study of how people use the creative power of the written word. Storytelling is one of the most powerful forms of human expression. It’s an exciting time to study English. The surge in digital media and technology means that people are reading and writing in all sorts of new ways. At PLU, English majors can choose a concentration in literature, creative writing, or professional, public, and digital writing. The best thing about the English department is our dedicated and imaginative teachers. English majors can contribute to the student-run literary arts journal, tutor at the Writing Center or the Parkland Literacy Center, intern, and explore the publishing and printing arts minor for valuable professional skills. English majors are critical
and imaginative thinkers who can write and communicate effectively, skills employers value. PLU English alums go on to exciting careers in business, law, education, publishing, nonprofit advocacy, and grad school, too.

(bell dings)

(upbeat music)


Whether you choose a concentration in Writing or Literature, an English major will help you understand and practice the creative, critical, and persuasive uses of the written word. Writing and literature are powerful means of understanding the diversity of human experience, critically analyzing society, imagining better worlds, and inspiring others to action. The PLU English major has three concentrations:

Creative Writing – allows students to hone their craft in a variety of genres through intensive writing workshop courses.

Professional, Public, and Digital Literacies – teaches students skills of effective writing and storytelling for various practical situations – including an emphasis on digital media.

• Literature – allows students to explore the diverse range of literatures written in English – American, British, and Global – to understand how writers have used the creative power of literary expression to understand and engage the world.


  • Creative Writing Concentration
  • Professional, Public, and Digital Literacies Concentration
  • Literature Concentration

Graduates from the last 5 years: Their jobs

  • Editor, State of Oregon
  • Editorial Intern, Perspectives in Biology and Medicine Journal
  • Teacher, Miami-Dade County Public Schools
  • Legal Advocate, YWCA of Pierce County
  • English Teacher, Peace Corps
  • Professional Writing Consultant, Pierce College - Puyallup
  • Independent Bookstore Manager, Grass Roots Books & Music
  • Family Voluntary Service Specialist - Child Protection Specialist, WA Department of Children, Youth, and Families

Graduates from the last last 5 years: Their graduate programs

  • Master of Arts in English, Oxford University
  • Master of Library and Information Science, University of Washington
  • Master of Business Administration, Oregon State University
  • Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing, Pacific Lutheran University
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