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Video Transcription

Political Science Major Minute Transcription

[video: Prof. Michael Artime sits in his office, a stack of books and a coffee cup sit on his desk.]

Prof. Artime: Hi my name is Michael Artime. I’m chair of the Political Science department. And this is my Discipline Dash.

[video: Over the video of Prof. Artime, the header “Discipline Dash” slides in in white lettering. Following this, the screen turns charcoal grey with yellow accents and large numbers reading “3”, “2”, “1” count down the start of the minute.]

(video beeping)

[video: a pair of hands appear over Prof. Artime and clap to begin the minute.]

(timer ticking)

[video: return to Prof. Artime. To the left of him appears a translucent yellow stopwatch, which counts down a minute.]

Prof. Artime: It is a great time to be studying political science at PLU. We are having great conversations about the issues that are important to you. Issues like climate change issues like racial justice and we’re doing so in our small class sizes where you get to know your peers and you get to know your professors. You not only work with them on classwork but you work with them on really interesting research projects and present at conferences throughout the country and perhaps even internationally. There are opportunities to study away there are opportunities to do really exciting internships given the proximity to the capital and our major leads students into really interesting careers in politics as well as the law and in nonprofit works. We think studying political science at PLU makes a lot of sense thanks.
(electric buzz)

[video: Prof. Artime laughs.]

Prof. Artime: All right let’s call it.


The study of political science includes the realities of politics and the exploration of how political systems work. As a PLU political science student, you’ll take classes to help you gain understanding in the areas of American government institutions, legislative processes, foreign policy, international relations, public law and political theory. Your professors – passionate teachers and experts in their fields – help organize and sponsor opportunities to put your skills and ideas to work, and encourage you to become involved in politics through internships, volunteering to help political groups and election campaigns, or membership in political groups. When you graduate, you’ll be well-prepared to enter career fields such as the law, private interest groups and associations, governmental employment, campaign management and political polling, business and journalism, or pursue graduate studies in international affairs, public administration or law school.

Graduates from the last 5 years: Their jobs

  • Intern at Congresswoman Strickland's District Office, U.S House of Representatives
  • Volunteer Coordinator, Galvanize USA
  • Hearings Specialist, Employment Security Department
  • Executive Legislative Assistant for Senator Marko Liias, Washington State Senate
  • Executive Support Specialist, Oregon Department of Education’s Office of the Director
  • Legal Assistant, Farr Law Group, PLLC
  • Director of Partnerships and Stakeholder Engagement, Washington State Charter Schools Association
  • Program Instructor, Close Up Foundation

Graduates from the last last 5 years: Their graduate programs

  • Masters in Political Science - Applied Community & Economic Development, Illinois State University
  • Master of Arts in Conflict Resolution, University of Essex, United Kingdom
  • Master of Arts in International Security, University of Denver - Josef Korbel School of International Studies
  • Master of Arts in International Relations and Affairs, Swansea University
  • Master of Arts in History, Yale University
  • Law, Howard University
  • Masters in Gender, Peace and Security, The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)
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