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Personal Vehicles for PLU Travel

Personally Owned Vehicles: Employee or student owned vehicles used for PLU business are not covered by PLU’s insurance.

Mileage reimbursement is available for individuals using their personal vehicle for university sponsored business.

Carpools are not authorized. Instructors/trip leaders should announce that participants are responsible for their own transportation if PLU transportation is not provided.

Reporting an Auto Accident: Always contact the police to report an auto accident. Contact Campus Safety, 253-535-7441, and ask them to log the report and notify PLU’s Risk Manager. For more information about accident reporting refer to the Accident and Incident Reporting page of this website.

Property: Personal and PLU

Personal Property: Personally owned books, research works, artifacts, computers, clothes, equipment, etc., are not insurable by the university. Pacific Lutheran University suggests that personal items be insured through a homeowners or renters insurance policy.

PLU Property: PLU property is insured and is subject to a deductible. Contact our office to report theft of equipment, or damage to university buildings, grounds, art, equipment, or vehicles.