Planning for Activities and Travel

Utilize the resources listed to the right to assist in planning PLU sponsored activities on and off campus or any PLU sponsored travel.

Official off-campus activities receive the benefit of the university’s insurance and other support.  Affiliation with PLU doesn’t equate to sponsorship of travel or activities.  The leader of a group activity should check with his or her supervisor to learn the details of what resources are available and how the activity can become officially sanctioned.  Travel and activities that are not covered by the university’s insurance may leave the trip leader and participants vulnerable to legal liability, payment of expenses and contractual obligations.

Criteria for determining sponsored status:  If all of the following questions can be answered affirmatively then it is likely that the activity will be classified as sponsored and benefit from university insurance resources.  If all or some of the criteria have a negative response, your activity may not be covered by university insurance.

  • Is the activity part of the educational mission of the university?
  • Is the function of an activity an official function of a university academic or administrative unit?
  • Do university personnel, acting within their capacity as university employees, have a major planning role in this activity?
  • Has the Department Head, Dean and/or Chair approved the program or activity?
  • Is there direct supervision by a university employee, acting within the scope of their employment throughout the course of the activity?
  • Is the activity financially supported by the university?

PLU Domestic Travel Insurance Coverage

The university provides the following insurance for faculty and staff traveling in the U.S. and U.S. Territories on a PLU sponsored trip.

Domestic Travel Assistance Coverage for Faculty and Staff provides emergency medical services for faculty and staff traveling 100 miles or more from their permanent residence or campus. Medical evacuation must be pre-arranged through Assist America.

  • Provider: Assist America
  • Reference # 01-AA-ACN-06048
  • 800-872-1414 (inside USA), +1 609 986 1234 (outside USA)

Vehicle Rental and Insurance

In accordance with insurance law, PLU’s auto physical damage insurance policy does not provide coverage for use of private vehicles driven for university business.

When renting a vehicle in the United States DO NOT purchase rental company auto insurance.

When renting outside of the United States, you MUST purchase rental company auto insurance.

Information on PLU’s vehicle rental program can be found on the Facilities Management website.

Incidents/Auto Accidents

Any incidents that occur during off-campus travel/activities should be reported to department heads, Deans, and Division VP/Provost.

Reporting an Auto Accident:Always contact the police to report an auto accident. Contact Campus Safety, 253-535-7441, and ask them to log the report and notify PLU’s Director of Risk Services. Departments are responsible for the university’s insurance deductible.


Waivers are NEEDED when:

  • PLU has full or limited control of the activity and the activity is either inherently dangerous, includes overnight travel, or travel by a PLU vehicle or rental vehicle.
  • One waiver can be used for multiple similar events (same activity/risks) over a fixed period of time (one semester or academic year).

Waivers are NOT NEEDED when:

  • PLU has full or limited control of the activity and the activity does not include overnight travel, is not inherently dangerous and the university is not providing transportation.
  • PLU has no control of a voluntary activity. (PLU’s name should not be used with any advertising of the activity.)
  • Trip is voluntary and not required for an academic course; and the university is not providing transportation.

Contact PLU’s Director of Risk Services, x7116 if you have any questions.