A Special Place

We’ve said that at PLU learning in class is nothing like you’ve ever experienced before. That’s true. But at PLU you’ll also be challenged to learn and grow outside the classroom.

We’re are a close-knit community where students do much more than just go to class together. The campus is a hub of activity where anything can happen – a small group late-night study session, a concert in the student-run Cave or an impromptu mud football game.

There’s a hometown feel to the place. Everyone is in it together, in the residence hall; on athletic fields, courts and in the stands; on the stage and in the audience for performing arts; and in scores of campus clubs. And what a setting: the mountains, the woodlands and the beaches of the Great Northwest, right on the Pacific Rim!

Yes, it’s a special place. It’s a place where students learn, live and laugh. And there will be no end to the things you can do and the friendships you’ll make. We think you’re going to be proud to call PLU home.

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