Caitong (Camille) Chen

Nursing, 2019

Camille Chen

太平洋路德大学表彰学生德学术成就并为学生提供奖学金, 对此我非常感激。 此外, 学校注重小规模教学, 因此教授和学生之间能够有更多的相互交流。学生更可以通过这种方式获得更多个人关注。 太平洋路德大学不仅是一个支持性的团体还是一间充满机会的学校。学生可以通过参加学校各种不同团体来充实自己。

Xiaopei (Tiffany) Huang

Business, 2019

I love the size of the school. It is not too small or too big. It is a perfect size for me to study and meet friends. I love the opportunities that I have to meet friends from different countries.

Tianhua Fang

Physics, 2015


I was told that PLU [is] really concerned about students’ academic progress and I can learn a lot here. PLU has an Engineering 3-2 program, which is a really good opportunity for international student, because if I can study both [on the] West Coast and East Coast, I will have a better understanding about the U.S. society.

Xiabing Yang

Business, 2010

Dear Mr. Wang & Future Lutes, I am writing this to let you folks know I am doing extremely well at PLU. Here are some ideas and personal experience I would like to share. First, there is no doubt about the quality of PLU education. All I have to do is ask, because the PLU faculties are super friendly and willing to support my study and life. Second, I have many opportunities because of my hard work. My current GPA is 3.23 out of 4. I know it is not the best, but I have tried as a foreign student and am pretty satisfied with this result. Right now, I am working on a personal business project with my mentor, Prof. Rogers. Both of us get inspired from each other very much. I am going to put this proposal into the PLU Business Plan Competition in April. The first prize will be $10,000. Oh my god! Super EXCITED, right? Next, I am starting my career in a right direction. Just two days ago, I went to a job fair at PLU where I met many potential employers. To be honest, I was very nervous for the beginning. Gradually, everything went well. I sent them my resume and had a nice conversation. Out of my expectation, today I had a job interview with a non-profit. I believe I left a very good impression to the interviewer.
As said above, everything goes well and I enjoy what I am doing so far! I know I still have a big gap to be the “A” student based on Mr. Wang’s criteria, but I am working on it. Hehehe… Finally, I would like to suggest the future Lutes that be prepared to enjoy and challenge the PLU life!

Siyao Jia

Business, 2010

Generally I have a wonderful experience in PLU. I met a lot of friends from both U.S. and other countries. Through them, I get to know a wider world. As to the study, what I like most is the diversity of the subjects we can choose from. For example, I am a business major, but I am also required to take classes from Art to Science in PLU. For me it is quite wonderful, because it offers me the opportunity to get to know the other fields besides business. Moreover, there are lots of off-class activities in PLU from Speeches, clubs, out-door activities, concert, theater to dance parties, so you can always find something to do after your class.

Le Kang

Business, 2011

I am doing well. I got all “A” (including some A-) in my academic courses last year. People here are very nice. I have two jobs on campus, one is from dining service and the other one is from campus safety. I am here welcome new Sichuan students come to PLU study.

Xiaoxiao Shi

Business, 2010

PLU is a good place to study, and people here are really nice. I am studying Accounting, and hopefully can get my CPA certificate. Classes here have tight schedule, and I am always busy but learn a lot. Besides studying, I have two jobs on campus, Tutor for Business Major students and Major Gifts Assistant in KPLU. PLU has flexible academic programs. When Sichuan Students transferred to PLU, they need to think what are they going to do in the future, Accounting, Marketing, Finance, or Global Management. Students also can even change major, have minors, or double major. We do have some students who have already changed their major or double major in Math, Economics, and Global studies. Hope that all the students who are coming to PLU next year can keep improving their English, especially practice their speaking English.

Yuzheng (Zack) Hou

Business, 2019


Zhichu (Adam) Ren

Music, 2019


Zhishuai Ren

Business, 2015


PLU has an exchange program with my school in China. I chose PLU because it is one of the best schools. And I had a good experience here. Every professor and staff in PLU is nice and kind-hearted.  They helped me a lot. I also learned a lot from class.

Qingxiang Jia

Computer Science, 2014


Yan He

Business, 2010

Hello Future PLU students of HND. I am Yan He, I go by Helena. I was a student at HND who graduated in 2008. I am really looking forward to seeing more of you guys coming to study at PLU. It was a great choice for me to come to America and study at an intermediate sized private university. Trust me, it is definitely worth it to come to America to spend your money and your time on the most important thing you will ever buy, your education. Looking back, I am sure I made a good decision to study at PLU. My academic life at PLU makes a lot of sense. I’ve experienced a lot, but I’ve gain a lot too. The academic environment at PLU is great. Small class sizes make it easier to communicate with your class mates and your professors compared to a larger university. Also, PLU has many different types of activities which make our experience rich in culture and extracurricular activities. The Outdoor Recreation Club will offer you ample opportunity for outdoor activities. To name a few: biking, snowshoeing, skiing (I love skiing), and hiking. A famous trip is a hike to a remote hot springs. As long as you are willing to participate, you will not be disappointed. It is very important to participate in the activities on campus and communicate with the people around you. The people here are very friendly and want to make friends with you. It will be your choice to go out and meet people or stay in a comfortable Chinese circle of friends. Most importantly, when you come here, you are learning how to lead an independent life. You are improving your values and you are improving your outlook on everything. You will get more out of your experience if you keep an open mind in both academic and social circles.

Linling Yuan

Business, 2011

I have been here for almost a year and I really enjoy studying at PLU because it provides a peaceful place to study and get involved. People here are all nice and I very enjoy the style of PLU’s learning environment. PLU is a small community, which makes me feel like at home. I have five courses this semester and also have a job on campus, which gives me a good opportunity to enhance my time management skills. What PLU’s education not only teaches me academic success, but also provides an opportunity to get involved in variety activities to practice leadership skills.

谢谢王老师和四川大学给我们一个来美国学习的机会, 在PLU 的日子虽然很辛苦,但是我却痛并快乐着。

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Hanying (Anita) Zeng

Music, 2019


Shunying Wang

Communication, 2014


Xi He

Business, 2011

I really enjoy the life here, especially the study environment here. However, I think students who want to be here should be fully prepared for the hard study they are going to face here.
I highly recommend them to study math before they come. What is more, use any chances they can to practice their English. I am so exciting about all new comers!

Qi Zhang

Business, 2011

I am Qi Zhang and I have been PLU for half year. Life here are wonderful. I enjoy my school life and working. I am a junior student in school of business. Here are different ways to show our work, such as report, exam & quiz, presentation, working in groups or partners, and so on. We can do a project outside class, maybe go to down town or somewhere else, we can have a interview with local bank staff, we can also trip to Portland, Canada, or Seattle. It’s easy and convenient. Working on campus is safe. I am working in the UC, doing some dinning service, it’s not hard work, but we can get familiar with American culture.

Xiaoqian Zhang

Business, 2010

Hi, I am Xiaoqian Zhang. I was the first student who was luck enough to come to PLU in 2007. I have been here for about three years, and this is my last semester. Well, I would like to say I really had good time here. PLU offers smaller class sizes, which are conducive to a personalized learning environment, in which success is often bred. Furthermore, PLU’s dedication to global learning manifests itself in the number of students fortunate enough to participate in a study away program. PLU’s campus is welcoming to all forms of diversity, and is truly a unique environment in which to learn.

我是张筱茜。我是从HND第一个来到PLU的学生。 在PLU的这三年, 学到了很多,收获也很大。 对于已经决定和还在犹豫来PLU读书的你们,PLU是一个不错的选折。我从来不后悔当初选择了来到美国而放弃了去英国的机会。欢迎每一位即将来PLU的你们。

Lin Yin

Business, 2010

I had really great experiences at PLU. Now, I am doing my internship at the World Trade Center Tacoma. I learned lot of knowledge which I never learned when I was in China. Professors and students here are so nice. In the class, there are some discussions and case analysis, which helped me to think by myself and communicate with other students. It is not that easy to get a good grade on each class, everybody needs to study hard once the semester starts. Previewing and reviewing are very necessary, or I can not understand what professors talk about. During the whole semester, there are some presentations, quizzes, mid-term, final exam, project and so on. I was so lucky that all of my teams were great. I went to Microsoft to do an interview with the Xbox Department, and also did a huge project for the Tacoma Art Museum. I gained lots of experiences through those projects. I have really great experiences at PLU.