Mathæus Andersen

Theatre (Acting/Directing), 2022

I chose to get my degree at PLU because it was easy to apply and it seemed like a pretty good campus. My degree is not offered at every university [so] I am glad I found PLU.

Karina Kristiansen

Business, 2015


I chose PLU due to the fantastic nature in the Washington State, the scholarship to student from Denmark and the small teaching classes. I came here to be better at speaking English, so I found the small classes as a good opportunity to increase my English skills. Furthermore, I chose PLU due the range of courses at the MBA program and because of the small size of campus.

Patrick Domino



I wanted to go to USA and PLU sounded great, a good business school. It was a small school with a good environment. [I liked] all the people I have met and the classes.

Ditte Rasmussen

Business, 2015


After studying in Denmark for two years, I decided that I wanted to transfer and study in the US. PLU understands the Scandinavian education system and transferred most of my credits from home. I like that PLU offers a lot of activities and events outside of class and it seems like there is an event for everybody. Furthermore, PLU offers some really great classes and I have learned a lot. The professors are very helpful and they want you to succeed. The focus in classes is to prepare students for the “real” world, which often means that we have a lot of hand-on projects to keep the classes relevant.

Sanne Nielsen

Business, 2015


I liked the fact that PLU is located in an area with a lot of opportunities to go travel in beautiful nature and close to skiing areas. PLU is also a small private school with a good reputation, they have small classes, and therefore an opportunity to get interaction with classmates and the teacher, and be better at speaking English.

Are you a PLU alum?

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Trine Pedersen



I chose PLU because it seemed like an inviting campus with great classes and a social justice community. I was very happy with my professors since they genuinely care about your performance. They made time to talk or help out. I found a great community on campus that cares about social justice in society and that allows for critical thinking. I’m happy that PLU is a campus that encourages this kind of community.

Dan Nguyen


I chose PLU because I wanted to find a college where none of my Danish friends would go to, through the organization EDU-Danmark. PLU sounded like a good place to choose because of the small and friendly community they have offered here. One of the things that also made me choose this University was that I could live on campus, and experience the American college life. My main goal for the study abroad was to improve my verbal English, and by not speaking Danish for almost half a year now, I made that possible.