Nguyen Tran

Biology, 2023

PLU offered a lot more scholarships when compared to other schools in Washington. I loved that PLU’s classrooms are a safe space to talk about uncomfortable topics!

Vy Dang

Business Administration, 2019

[I chose PLU for its] friendly environment and good scholarship.

Van Nguyen

Computer Science, 2019

I like the people at PLU the most ~^o^~. As an international student, I’ve learned the need for my family and my friends more than ever. I believe it is the most important to feel supported and taken care of for me to be motivated in this new place. At PLU, I can come meet with the professors in their office hours or through email whenever I need. This is great as I don’t feel distant with my own professors, the people who bring me knowledge every day. Further, there are people that are willing to talk to me about my problems. It warms my heart because people here do care about you!

Tu Nguyen

Computer Science, 2016

PLU is a good school with small class room so it will be easy for an international student as myself to study. Office hours [are] always available, so students can meet and ask professor questions.

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Tran Pham

MBA, 2016


I looked into graduate schools within the Seattle/Tacoma [area] and realized that the tuition cost for PLU is quite better than some other private institution. In spring of 2014, I decided to join the PLU MBA program. I like the fact that PLU is a small private, yet diverse campus, one thing I did not get to experience while working on my Bachelor’s at a Midwest public institution.
One thing I enjoyed about this program is that students are required to join a 10 day international experience trip to different countries. This requirement brought me to Costa Rica, a country that I wouldn’t have thought to visit. The trip created a strong bond between students as well as PLU’s professor and staff. This has been one of my greatest experiences at PLU.