Sabina Ibragimova


Communications/Anthropology, 2019

I chose to study at PLU because of my Strategic Communication Major and scholarships that I got thanks to PLU donors! I had an opportunity to actually apply learned knowledge and experiences into practice by working with clients through our Public Relations and Campaign classes. I loved that in PLU I could learn my major in-depth and get real world experience by having an on-campus job. I also met the love of my life in PLU and it’s amazing how Lute love spreads all over! 🙂

Jialing Wang

Hong Kong


Business Administration, 2016

I really enjoyed the time when I was studying at PLU. All my professors were knowledgeable, patient, and friendly. They taught me a lot which were very helpful in my future career. I chose PLU because I like the small size of class and admire the high teaching quality. Also, PLU offered me great scholarship which made me [feel] I was valuable in somehow. I was very happy to be one of the members at PLU. Thanks!

Monica Gupta



Master’s in Finance, 2016

Studying at PLU has been a great experience for me. PLU gave me a lot of opportunities to get involved, and because I grabbed all of them, doors opened. I was able to get work-study opportunities, and even a scholarship. PLU offers many tutoring seminars, if you want to improve your skills. I am looking forward to starting a career in Finance with the knowledge PLU has given me on how to succeed!

Yannik Ilgert



Business Administration, 2016

PLU has been a drastic influence on my life. I have enjoyed the liberal attitude of my professors, their dedication to academic excellence and a great social environment. PLU is truly committed to create an environment enriched with diversity, successfully. Being an international student I always felt welcome, never neglected. It has been a life shaping experience where PLU assisted my inner and outer development to the person I have managed to become.

Badal Chandra


Master’s in Marketing Research, 2019

I really liked the MSMR program, and the setup of the classes as well as projects. I really liked the cohort and the small size classes. I also appreciated the attention to detail from Professors to our education.

Joel Goh


Communications & Computer Science, 2018

I chose to study at PLU as they offered the best scholarship package for international transfer students. I also wanted to remain in Washington as I love the scenery and nature here. My favorite experience at PLU has been the availability of on-campus jobs, and the ROTC program. After I was naturalized, I enrolled in ROTC and will be commissioning as a Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Army!

Charlotte Carpentier


School of Business, 2016

Studying in the U.S. was a lifetime dream and PLU seemed perfect to me because of its size (not too big [of] a campus), its business school (good reputation), the opportunity I had to attend MBA classes and also because I had had extremely good feedback from former French students who came [to PLU]. This semester was a blast, it’s so hard to leave!

Pape Samba



Master’s in Finance, 2018; Business Administration, 2016

I like the class sizes and ranking of the School of Business, which is among the most respected in Washington State.

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Suhatt Jantorn


Master of Business Administration, 2019

I met Pacific Lutheran University by chance, but I attended the MBA [program] by choice. With nearly two centuries of history, there is no doubt this is the number one university in the Tacoma area. The campus environment is extraordinary and the classes are exceptional.

Farah Fehaili



School of Business, 2015

[I chose PLU for] its ranking (one of the best partnerships my graduate school back home has in the USA)… overall, I have really loved every moment spent here for several reasons:
– the classes are very interesting
– the campus is great
– the people I have met are just amazing: Americans… and all the international students from all over the word. It has been a very enriching experience.

Si Ying Han



Master’s in Marriage & Family Therapy, 2015

I chose PLU because of the Marriage and Family Therapy graduate program, which is accredited by AAMFT and offers an onsite training opportunity as well as an offsite internship. This is attractive as I earned 500 clinical hours and 100 supervision hours that will go towards my MFT license before graduating.