What does that mean for you?

If you are on track to graduate (or have recently graduated) with an Associate of Arts (AA-DTA) or Associate of Science (AS-T) Track 1 or 2 degree*, you are guaranteed admission (and a scholarship!) to PLU and get to skip the PLU application process.

*Please note: Nursing and Running Start students are not eligible for this partnership.


What is the Automatic Admission Partnership?

PLU has partnered with Tacoma Community College to offer this program. We work with administrators at your community college  to identify students who recently graduated with an Associate of Arts (AA-DTA) or Associate of Science (AS-T) Track 1 or 2. Additionally, we identified graduates who met our academic standards for admission (looking at GPA, course selection, and grade trend), and would also be an outstanding addition to the PLU community.

If you have met the above qualifications, TCC will let us know and we will automatically send you an admission offer via email and mail.

You then get to skip the application process! To move forward in the process, you’ll fill out a simple “Acceptance Form”.

If I'm automatically admitted, will I still need to write an admission essay for PLU? Send a letter of recommendation?

Nope! This partnership really means you are automatically admitted and won’t need to write an admission essay or submit a recommendation letter. As part of the partnership, TCC will send us your official transcript, so you won’t have to request that either.

As mentioned in the previous FAQ, the thing you’ll need to do to move forward in the process is fill out an “Acceptance Form” that will take about 15 minutes to complete.

If I'm automatically admitted and fill out the “Acceptance Form”, have I committed to attend PLU?

No! Filling out the form just means you want to learn more about PLU. It will allow us to send you more information to see if PLU is the right school for you – academically, socially and financially.

How do I find out about financial aid and scholarships?

If you’re eligible for the Automatic Admission Partnership, you will be offered an academic scholarship worth $30,000 per year.

We’ll also encourage you to complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) or WASFA (Washington Application for State Financial Aid). PLU’s FAFSA code is:003785. PLU uses information from the FAFSA or WASFA to determine what need-based scholarships and grants, as well as loans and work study we can offer you. (The WASFA is for Washington residents who are not eligible to complete the FAFSA, i.e. undocumented students)

Interested in art & design, dance, media, music, or theatre? Consider applying and auditioning for our Artistic Achievement Scholarships, which range from $1,000-$7,500 per year (and are stacked on academic scholarships).

Does the completion of my AA-DTA or AS-T guarantee I will only need to complete 2 more years at PLU?

Because you have completed the Washington AA-DTA or AS-T degree, PLU will accept your degree as a block of credits and you will be granted automatic junior standing and awarded credit to fulfill 12 of PLU’s 14 general education requirements.

These degrees do not guarantee major readiness, however, and the timeline for completion will depend on your major and the type of courses that you were able to complete within your transfer AA/AS. A timeline assessment can be made after we’ve had the opportunity to review your incoming credits and evaluate their applicability towards an academic plan.

You’ll find TCC-specific transfer guides for some of PLU’s most transfer-friendly majors on our TCC to PLU webpage.

What if I'm not selected for the Automatic Admission Partnership, but go to TCC. Does that mean I shouldn't apply to PLU at all?

If you are interested in PLU, we do want you to apply! Not being selected for automatic admission just means we would like to get a bit more information about you, which our application process will allow us to collect. Apply to PLU through our transfer application process (it’s FREE!).

If I'm automatically admitted and have attended other colleges/universities, will I need to send those transcripts to PLU?

If you have attended other colleges or universities, you will need to send us those official transcripts before enrolling at PLU.

On your TCC transcript you may see the grades and credits transferred from your previous colleges. While this is an important record to TCC, and it is helpful for us to see, it is not ALL of the information our Registrar’s Office needs to compile an academic record. We will need official copies of your transcript from each of the colleges/universities you’ve attended.

If you complete this Interest Form prior to graduating from TCC you will be REQUIRED to send us a final copy of your official TCC transcript. Final transcripts are not provided by TCC.

If I have been offered automatic admission, AND I’m interested in studying Nursing at PLU - am I automatically admitted to your Nursing program?

No. Students who have received notice of their eligibility for admission to PLU through the Automatic Admission Partnership are NOT automatically admitted to the PLU Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program or to PLU’s Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (ABSN) program.

To be considered for admission to the PLU BSN program, you must complete the Nursing application through the PLU Undergraduate Transfer Application by the February 15, 2024 deadline.

If you’re interested in applying to the ABSN program (located at PLU’s Lynnwood campus), please visit the ABSN website to inquire about the application process.

If I have the Pre-Nursing DTA but I’m interested in a Non-Nursing degree at PLU, am I eligible for the Automatic Admission Partnership?

The Automatic Admission Partnership between PLU and TCC does not currently extend to students who completed a Pre-Nursing DTA. In this case, you are not eligible for automatic admission to PLU. You very well may still be eligible for admission pending the review of a full application to PLU. Please reach out to Associate Director of Transfer Admission, Jordan Pike, to discuss our application process.

I am a high school student who is currently enrolled at TCC in the Running Start program. If I don’t finish my Running Start degree before graduating high school - can I finish my DTA at TCC and then be eligible for automatic admission?

Yes – if you do not complete your Running Start degree prior to or upon graduating from high school, and then continue to enroll in courses at TCC and go on to earn an AA-DTA, AST-1, or AST-2 degree and meet the PLU academic standards for admission, you should be eligible for the PLU and TCC Automatic Admission Partnership.

If I previously attended TCC but received my 2 year degree from another college, am I eligible for automatic admission?

No. Students are only eligible to be automatically admitted to PLU through this partnership if their degree was conferred by TCC. You must have completed (or be on track to complete) an AA-DTA, AST-1, or AST-2 at Tacoma Community College.

Meet Your PLU Admission Counselor

Your transfer champion and all-things-PLU expert is Associate Director of Transfer Admission, Jordan Pike, and she’s here to help! She can answer any questions you have about admission, transferring credits, financial aid, next steps, and PLU in general.

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