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You Ask, We Answer: Do you have Forensic Science?

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Students in goggles and white lab coats work in the PLU chemistry lab
February 13, 2023

At PLU, a student interested in a career in forensic science can complete the educational training required by pursuing a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Chemistry or another science degree (like a Biology BS degree) in combination with a Chemistry minor, as long as they take at least one semester of Physics. While we do not have a Forensic Science major, the Washington State Patrol Crime & Forensic Laboratory Services recommends that someone interested in becoming a forensic scientist complete a BS degree in forensic science or a natural science (Biology, Chemistry, etc.), which must include a minimum of 20 semester or 30 quarter hours of chemistry and five semester or eight quarter hours of physics.

One benefit of pursuing a science major other than forensic science is that doing so gives a student more flexibility to pursue a career in forensic science, as well as other career opportunities with their degree.


Guest bloggers: Dr. Andrea Munro, Chair of Chemistry, Associate Professor of Chemistry & Dr. Ann Auman, Dean of Natural Sciences, Professor of Biology