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You Ask, We Answer: How do you match roommates?

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4 students with instruments (keyboard, guitar, clarinet, bass) hang out in a desk chair and on a bed in a PLU residence hall room.
June 30, 2023

At PLU, we pride ourselves on having an actual person make roommate assignments. Over the summer, our professional staff members carefully review all Student Roommate Questionnaires (part of the Living Plans & Learning Community Application) to create the best roommate matches. So, answer your questionnaire thoroughly and honestly!

You can request your own roommate, however, the requests must be mutual and you both must be assigned to the same learning community before we can guarantee a match. During the last week in July, your roommate assignment will be emailed to you (your PLU email!), and we’ll send along your roommate’s PLU email so you can connect with them.

From there, we recommend breaking the ice before you both arrive on campus. It will help you establish rapport – the beginning of any good relationship. Texts, phone calls, (and maybe Facetime or Zoom calls?) will give you a chance to have a conversation. If you don’t know your roommate, that’s ok; ask questions about hobbies, music, sleeping and eating styles. If you end up with a roommate you requested, then you should be asking questions relevant to the new experience of living together. Living with an acquaintance or a friend requires just as much effort to create a positive living situation for both of you as it does with someone new!

Guest Blogger: Dhaval Patel, Associate Director for Campus Life Operations