It's never too early to start your college search!

We want to help you “suit up” for your Senior year. This webinar series, led by our admission counselor experts, is designed for you to feel confident going into your college search and make sure you’re putting your best self forward in the application and scholarship process.

Take a look at the topics below – pick the ones that most interest you and save the dates – we look forward to you joining!

FYI: We are using Zoom Webinar – no Zoom account, microphone or camera is needed, but you will be able to ask live questions in the Q&A section. Just plan to access the webinar from a device of some kind (phone, laptop, chrome book, etc).

The College Search Process: Where do I start?

How do you choose a college? How do you pick the right type of school? What questions you should be asking to narrow down your search and how to finally decide where to apply? These questions and more are common ones we hear at the beginning of the college search process. The search process can be overwhelming and daunting, and our goal is that after you join this webinar you will know where to start!

College Essays: Tips & Tricks

This webinar will cover everything related to a 4-year university or college application and how it is viewed through the eyes of a college admission professional. We will talk about things you can do to stand out from the crowd! What classes should you be taking in high school? What experiences are important? Will my bad grade in one class ruin my chances of getting into my dream college? What should I write my essay about and how will I stand out? Join us to learn the ins-and-outs of your college search process and how to succeed.

Financial Aid & Scholarships: Paying for College

Whether or not you have a plan on how to pay for college, this webinar will be helpful for students and families that are nervous or even unsure about paying for college. We will define financial aid terms and talk about the difference in grants, scholarships, and loans. We will also offer up some tips for starting to look for scholarships even before your senior year!

Running Start to 4-years 101: A University's Perspective

Are you curious how Running Start looks from the vantage point of a 4-year college or university? Most students who choose Running Start take primarily classes recommended by their high school to graduate or their community college to get an Associate’s Degree, both are great ways to plan! We want to add a layer, how do you also make sure you are setting yourself up for success at whatever 4-year college you choose. For those of you still trying to decide if Running Start is the best fit for you, we will also discuss that decision.

What is The Difference: Public or Private Universities

We hear “I cannot afford a private school” or “what is the point of a private school” all the time – and there are certainly a lot of myths and truths out there regarding differences between public and private universities! Join this webinar to learn more about the difference between public and private education, why you should consider both, and ask us any questions you have about broadening your college search!