PLU is excited to announce an expanded partnership with Palmer Scholars to offer a matching scholarship from $3,000 per year up to full-tuition/full-need.

For many years, Palmer Scholars have chosen PLU as their top private school choice. PLU and Palmer Scholars share the value of supporting students throughout their educational journeys to prepare them to be successful change-makers in their communities. And now, the Palmer Scholars organization and PLU have expanded their partnership to provide students a dollar-for-dollar match of scholarships. Palmer Scholars who attend PLU will be guaranteed a $3,000 Palmer Scholars Scholarship and a $3,000 PLU Scholarship on top of any merit or need-based scholarships they qualify for.


  • You must be a named Palmer Scholar
  • Entering PLU as a first-year student, including Running Start


Submit the FREE application to PLU by April 1, 2024.

Are you a Palmer Scholar?

Apply for free to PLU by April 1, 2024 to receive the Palmer to PLU matching scholarship!

You must also complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and include PLU’s FAFSA school code, 003785, OR complete the Washington Application for State Financial Aid (WASFA) by April 1, 2024.

Palmer to PLU Benefits:

  • Once admitted to PLU, Palmer Scholars will automatically receive a $3,000 matching PLU Scholarship.
  • Palmer to PLU Scholars admitted are also automatically entered into a competitive, need-aware selection process for a full tuition or full financial need scholarship. At least one student will be selected for a full tuition scholarship.
  • Palmer to PLU Scholars will receive regular support, mentoring, and leadership development as a cohort at PLU.
  • Scholars selected for a full tuition or full financial need award are required to participate in a Leadership Symposium each year, alongside other PLU cohorts receiving similar scholarship support. The Leadership Symposium, which includes life and social skills development, is provided to ensure students’ successful experience navigating the landscape of a predominantly white institution (PWI).
    • Scholars who are not selected for a full tuition or full need scholarship are welcome and encouraged to also participate in the Leadership Symposium experience.


Is the Palmer to PLU Scholarship renewable?

Yes! As long as you remain in good academic standing with PLU and good standing with Palmer Scholars, you will receive the matching scholarship each year you are enrolled as an undergraduate student.

Scholars selected for a full tuition or full financial need award are required to participate in the Leadership Symposium each year in order to maintain eligibility for their scholarship funding. For these recipients, scholarship assistance from PLU will be increased each year to meet increases in tuition or financial need.