Dual Master’s (M.S.N. and M.B.A.)

The Dual Master of Science in Nursing and Master of Business Administration degree is designed to prepare practicing nurses for high-level careers in management and administration. The program integrates the evidence-based and practice- oriented M.S.N. curriculum with the four cornerstones of the M.B.A. curriculum: (a) leadership, (b) innovation, (c) global awareness and (d) ethical responsibility. This program requires a ten-day International Experience to be completed prior to graduation. Students will complete a total of 60 semester hours over three years attending part-time.


60 semester hours required from the below list of courses to receive both the M.S.N. and the M.B.A. degrees:

    • NURS 523: Role of the Advanced Practice Nurse (3)
    • NURS 524: Advanced Health Promotion (2)
    • NURS 525: Theoretical Foundations (3)
    • NURS 526: Nursing Leadership & Management (3)
      or BMBA 515: Organizations and Leadership (3)
    • NURS 527: Evaluation and Outcomes Research (3)
    • NURS 531: Care & Outcomes Manager Practicum I (3)
    • NURS 532: Care & Outcomes Manager Practicum II (1 to 6)
    • NURS 538: Program Development (3)
      or BUSA 577: Project Management (3)
    • NURS 596/599: Scholarly Inquiry/Thesis (4)
    • BMBA 509: Global Business Perspectives (3)
      (includes ten-day study abroad with a focus on healthcare systems)
    • BMBA 511: Accounting for Decision Making (3)
    • BMBA 517: Understanding and Managing Financial Resources (3)
    • BMBA 521: Supply Chain and Operations Management (3)
    • BMBA 523: Managing Innovation (3)
    • BMBA 549: Strategic Management of Human Capital (3)
    • BMBA marketing course as approved by the department.
    • ECON 520: Economic Policy Analysis (3)
      or BUSA 522: The Global, Social, Political Environment of the Firm (3)

To view the descriptions of the above courses, please go to the PLU Directory of Courses for graduate-level Nursing and for the graduate-level Business in this catalog.