Catalog 2012-2013



Anthropology as a discipline tries to bring all of the world's people into human focus. Though anthropology does look at "stones and bones," it also examines the politics, medicines, families, arts, and religions of peoples and cultures in various places and times. This makes the study of anthropology a complex task, for it involves aspects of many disciplines, from geology and biology to art and psychology.

Anthropology is composed of four fields: Cultural or social anthropology stuides living human cultures in order to create a cross-cultural understanding of human behavior. Archaeology has the same goal, but uses data from the physical remains of the past cultures to reach it. Linguistic anthropology studies human language. Biological anthropology studies the emergence and subsequent biological adaptations of humanitiy as a species.

36 semester hours

Required: ANTH 102, 103, 480, 499.
Choose: ANTH 101 or 104; 4 semester hours from 330–345 (peoples courses); 4 semester hours from ANTH 350–465 (topics courses); 8 additional hours in anthropology, at least 4 of which must be above ANTH 321.

20 semester hours

Required: ANTH 102.
Choose: ANTH 101 or 103 or 104; 4 semester hours from ANTH 330–345; 4 semester hours from ANTH 350–499; and 4 additional semester hours in anthropology.

In recognition of outstanding work, the designation with Departmental Honors may be granted by vote of the anthropology faculty based on the student’s performance in the following areas:

  • Anthropology course work requires minimum 3.50 GPA.
  • Demonstration of active interest in anthropological projects and activities outside of class work.
  • Completion of a senior thesis. A paper describing independent research must be conducted under the supervision of departmental faculty. A proposal must be approved by the faculty by the third week of class of the fall semester for May and August graduates, and the third week of class of the spring semester for December and January graduates.
  • The departmental honors designation will appear on the transcript of a student graduating with an anthropology major.