In order to meet your informational needs this page has been designed for you to explore independently. Extensive resources are available both on campus and online.

Books & CDs

There are a variety of books selected by several of the Counseling Center staff that are on permanent reserve in the library.  You can view the selection of titles on this books page.

(In addition to books, several series of Relaxation Response CD’s are also available for check out at the PLU Library.)  On the PLU on-line library catalog, select “Course Reserves/Lute Library”, and in the “Course/Dept.” drop-down box they are listed under “CC: Counseling Center”.

Titles Include:

  • Anxious to Please: 7 revolutionary practices for the chronically nice
  • The Body Keeps the Score: brain, mind, and body in the healing of trauma
  • Courage to Grieve
  • Emotional Intelligence: why it can matter more than IQ
  • It Didn’t Start with You: how inherited family trauma shapes who we are…
  • Letting Go of Stress: four effective techniques for relaxation and stress reduction
  • Mother’s Who Can’t Love: a healing guide for daughters
  • OCD Workbook
  • Power of Habit
  • Roadmap to Resilience: a guide for military, trauma victims and their families
  • When Perfect isn’t Good Enough

Online Resources

General Information

Available Apps (some free, some with paid plans or subscriptions)

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Domestic Violence

Eating Disorders

Grief, Loss, or Death Issues


Making Friends

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Post Traumatic Stress

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Suicide Prevention

Stress Management

Transition to College

Other Miscellaneous Resources