Services Offered

PLU Crisis Line (253-535-7075):  Students in need of urgent mental health support have access 24-hours a day to telephone-based support.  The Crisis Line provides a triage service to assess the nature of student’s presenting concerns and help students identify next steps to support their health and safety.

Lute Telehealth (  TalkNow (On-demand, 24/7 immediate access to mental health professionals) and Scheduled Counseling video-based, counseling sessions through the academic year for up to 12 sessions.  Lute Telehealth provides a broader range of options for the PLU student (e.g., access to care for students currently located out of state, broader diversity of counselor characteristics, and appointment availability).

Initial Treatment Planning Session:  For the Initial Treatment Planning Session, timeliness (access to services) and screening for risk are primary considerations.  Initial appointments are scheduled as soon as available, include a brief clinical assessment, and (in partnership with the student), a determination about which programs/services are the best entry point for the student given their current needs.

Individual therapy:  In order to meet significant student demand for services and use resources most effectively, the PLU Counseling Center utilizes a brief, short-term therapy model for individual counseling.  This model is focused on helping students to resolve or effectively manage a specific problem or challenge, or to make a particular desired change.  Therapy is typically solution-oriented, and sessions are geared towards direct and active intervention to help students achieve specific goals.

During the 2020-2021 academic year, PLU students will have the opportunity to meet with a counselor for up to 6-8 sessions after their Initial Treatment Planning Session.  Students will have access to additional services, including workshops, depending on fit and availability, the nature of their concerns, and expectations for treatment.  Working together, the counselor and student determine the number, type, and frequency of sessions that are appropriate based on the nature of the student’s concerns, as well as available resources.  The possible limits to service are explained within the context of a discussion about each student’s presenting concerns.  For most students, sessions usually are scheduled every 2-3 weeks.

Referral Services:  Some students may identify at the outset that a brief therapy or generalist clinician model is not the best fit for their current needs.  Other students may find after an Initial Treatment Planning Session that they would like more frequent, longer term, or more specialized services.  In such cases, our providers are happy to work with students to facilitate referrals and establishment of care with best-fit, community care.  For some students, Lute Telehealth will be an excellent fit for short term, more frequent meetings with a provider.  If you believe you may benefit from referral services, please review this document: PLU Counseling Center Referral Support.