For Faculty and Staff

Students, as well as faculty, staff, and administrators are experiencing increased demands, stress, and anxiety during this unusual time.  Don’t hold your concern for a student alone.  Please do not hesitate to reach out for support in assisting your students.

Information on Consultation Services

PLU Faculty and Staff Guide to Helping Students in Distress

In addition to (and in many cases even before) seeking consultation from our counseling staff, we strongly urge faculty and staff to submit a Student Care Network Reporting Form regarding students for whom you have health, wellness, and academic concerns.  A dedicated multi-disciplinary team of administrators from PLU work together to track these concerns and support students who are struggling at PLU.

Faculty, administrators and staff who are finding they would like additional wellness support can find initial support and referral assistance via PLU’s Employee Assistance Plan: First Choice Health.  To find out more or reach out for support, click here and enter username: pacific

If you need a consult on an urgent situation, please seek consultation from our PLU Crisis Line (253) 535-7075 for immediate support.