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Tacoma News Tribune continues support of MediaLab in their 10th year

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MediaLab's filming their 2015 documentary "These Four Years"

Image: MediaLab’s filming their 2015 documentary “These Four Years”

February 10, 2016

The success of MediaLab has given students an opportunity to gain valuable skills in a real-world setting. It’s been a goldmine of experience, leading students to internships and jobs and winning them an Emmy and multiple nominations. In addition to faculty and university support, outside organizations have helped make the program what it is today. The Tacoma News Tribune was the first, and longest-running community partnership in MediaLab’s 10 years of existence. They have agreed to continue their financial support through January 2018.

Donations in the early years provided seed money that allowed MediaLab to purchase video cameras and editing software. MediaLab’s early work appeared on the Tribune website, and gave students the opportunities to develop shooting techniques.

“The partnership with The News Tribune is a true blessing and one for which we are eternally grateful,” said Associate Professor of Communication Robert Marshall Wells, MediaLab’s Faculty Adviser and Director of the Center for Media Studies. “All of our opportunities in student media, from our documentary projects to students working on News Tribune special projects, have been influenced by their ongoing support.”

Support by the Tribune heightened the profile of MediaLab and led to the documentary filmmaking for which the program has become best known. Opportunities for Public Relations, Event Planning, Graphic Design, Photography, Social Media Management, and more have opened up as the program has grown.

The Tribune’s contributions have also enabled students to attend and present at conferences across the U.S. and Canada, and student work done for the Tribune has provided dozens of students with portfolio materials that have bolstered their resumes, given them practical field experiences, which have subsequently led to internships, jobs and careers.

MediaLab will present their newest documentary “These Four Years,” on April 28, for the 2016 SOAC Focus Series on storytelling.