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“This is Design School” Podcast

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April 11, 2019
By Kate Williams '16

JP Avila, Associate Professor of Art & Design, and Chad P. Hall ’10, PLU alum, have been busy at work with the release of season 4 of their podcast, This is Design School. This release welcomes amazing guests in the design world and beyond.

This is Design School is a podcast for those interested in design, starting a career in design, or needing a reminder of why they went into design.

It sits down with designers on the journey to talk about their experiences in today’s design education curriculum, the fast-changing industry, what they’ve accomplished and what they wish to do with their precious time.

Special guests featured in season 4 includes Michael Bierut well known graphic designer, design critic and educator, and Ruki Ravikumar, Director of Education at Cooper Hewitt.

“We have some wonderful guests coming up that continue to share great wisdom about their experience in design and what that means for their work and their creative process.”

“This season we have really upped our game. Chad and I are becoming more production savvy and that includes the addition of Michael R. Clark, another PLU alum from the music department who is composing the music for Season 4. It’s an honor to be working with another talented individual to share our work and love for the creative arts,” JP Avila remarks.


You can find more information about the podcast and the hosts below:


Twitter: @tidspodcast


Google Play:


Jp on Twitter: @jpavila

Chad on Twitter: @chadphall

Michael Clark on Instagram: @themusiclab__