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Results & Photos of Juried Student Art Exhibit 2021

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Students and guests assemble in the University Gallery for the opening of the 2021 Juried Student Art Exhibit
November 15, 2021

The Department of Art & Design congratulates all students whose art was included in the Juried Student Art Show! The juror, Lauren Boilini, selected a variety of works to be included in the show and called out several for prizes and honorable mentions. Lauren’s comments are included below in italics. The Juried Student Art Show is open 8am-4pm in Ingram Hall through December 8, 2021.

1st Place: Aurora by Dominique Hart ’22 (painting, far left in photo below)
I was really impressed by this series of paintings, and I had a tough time choosing from the three as my favorite. The frames and titles really got me, as did the powerful imagery and impressive skill.

Two people look at Dominique Hart's paintings. 1st Place Winner "Aurora" is on the left.

2nd Place: Pink is a Boy’s Color by Jalyn Turner ’22 (series of 10 photos)
I was really impressed by the craftsmanship of these images—everything felt deliberate and considered. The subject matter is particularly relevant as ideas around gender are challenged.

Jalyn Turner '22 stands in front of her collection of photographs (partial view)

3rd Place: Picnic (Diptych) by Teagan James ’22 (painting & found photo)
I was immediately drawn to this diptych when I entered the gallery. I was impressed with the translation of a found black and white photo into a larger painting in color, and I appreciated them being hung alongside each other, both framed.

A student examines the original photo of Teagan James's diptych, "Picnic."

Honorable Mention #1: Glup by Jack Mahr ’22 (sculpture)
This clay sculpture really intrigued me. I spent a lot of time trying to understand its reference, and was impressed with the scale and ambitious use of materials.

Jack Mahr '22 stands next to his sculpture "Glup" after his Honorable Mention is announced.

Honorable Mention #2: Gender Euphoria in Mayhem by Mackenzie Mayhem ’23 (digital print)
This piece really intrigued me and the title itself just blew me away. I sincerely appreciate the play on the term gender dysphoria vs euphoria. This concept will stay with me. Beautiful craftsmanship and intriguing use of techniques. This would make a fantastic billboard or mural.

Mackenzie Mayhem '23 stands in front of her artwork as her Honorable Mention is announced.

Keep scrolling for more photos from the opening!