Rieke Scholars

The Rieke Leadership Award was established in 1988 by President William O. Rieke to reaffirm the university’s commitment to inclusiveness and diversity. Recipients of the award are men and women of any ethnic background who demonstrate their leadership in promoting social justice, equity, and  racial and ethnic diversity at Pacific Lutheran University and beyond.  PLU recognizes the contributions such leaders make in our society by awarding them gifts up to $4,000 to support their pursuit of higher education.  Recipient of the award are expected to participate actively in curricular and co-curricular activities in a social justice and inclusion context.

Application Timeline

March 1 – Applications due for first time applicants, Word Up!, Rieke Fellows, and IPA

April 1 – Applications due for returning Rieke Scholars – Track one

Applicants will choose one of the following Rieke Scholar ``Tracks``

Track One - Diversity Center

Rieke Scholars will volunteer weekly in PLU’s Diversity Center.  There is an expected time commitment of three hours per week for the academic year, which is structured around self-exploration around issues of social justice and diversity.  Through involvement in the Diversity Center, Scholars will enrich the fabric of university while increasing their own leadership skills.

Track three - Rieke Fellow

In collaboration with the Director of The Diversity Center, Rieke Leadership Fellows work on a year-long project of their choosing that addresses issues of social justice and inclusion (e.g. eco-justice, health and wellness, Queer and ally identity formation programs). Projects must address a current need and/or issue on campus and have a tangible outcome (e.g. program, panel discussion, report) at the end of the academic year. Rieke Fellow applicants must have completed at least 30 credit hours.

Track four - International Peer Advisor

IPA Description:

International Peer Advisors (IPA) assist in the development and implementation of International Student Orientation (ISO). IPAs also develop and implement separate activities for international students beyond orientation and promote increased participation in existing on-campus programs among international students. During the semester, each IPA will plan at least one on-campus or off-campus activity and invite new students to participate. Each IPA will collaborate with International Student Services Interns, Diversity Advocates and other student leaders to facilitate activities. Overall, IPAs are expected to be a role model for new students and facilitate a positive transition process to PLU.

Required Qualifications:

  • Must be registered at PLU for 6 or more credits during Fall 2017 and Spring 2018.
  • Achieved and must maintain cumulative GPA of 2.5 or above.
  • Have a clear student record at the time of application (no holds and no history with SRR).
  • Genuinely interested in getting to know new international students.
  • Have well-versed knowledge of academic and extracurricular opportunities at PLU.
  • Must be available on campus and have no outside commitment during Fall ISO: August 29 – September 4, 2017 AND during Spring ISO: February 4 – February 6, 2018.
  • Can adapt to flexible schedule during events.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Demonstrated record of being an active member on campus.
  • Demonstrated ability to be a role model and provide support to international students.
  • Eligible to obtain PLU driving certificate (held a US driver’s license for two years or more) and comfortable driving a 12-passenger van.
  • Sign up to live on campus for Fall semester or near campus within Campus Safety escort perimeter.

Approximate Time Commitments:

4 hours for two planning meetings during Spring 2017, 60-70 hours during the ISO (40 hours during Fall, 25 hours during Spring) and 20-30 hours for individual activities planning and implementation. 104 hours

Start Date & End Date:

  • Two planning meeting scheduled during Spring 2017 based on doodle poll.
  • Must be available on campus on August 29, 2017 for Fall and on February 4, 2018 for Spring.
  • The position ends on May 18, 2018

Awards & Benefits:

Rieke Leadership Award. $500 in Fall and $500 in Spring will be awarded to each IPA. Meals will be provided during ISO. Public transportation fares and off-campus meals associated with ISO and individual activities will be reimbursed upon prior approval.

Available Openings: 4 positions

Application Time Frame:

  • Application Deadline: March 1, 2017
  • Interview Week: March 6 – 10
  • Offer Date: March 17


Each applicant’s Student Rights and Responsibilities records, hold records in Banner and GPA are subject to be reviewed.

Contact: Heather Jacobson, Coordinator of International Student Services, hjacobson@plu.edu, x7122

Application Procedure

  1. Complete the Rieke Leadership Award application
  2. First time applicants must include two letters of reference from individuals who can provide an official evaluation of your leadership activities in a multi-ethnic context, such as teachers, professors, pastors, multi-ethnic community leaders, and/or guidance counselors
  3. Submit typed essays of 500 words or less
  4. Submit an updated resume

For more information, please contact Angie Hambrick, Director – The Diversity Center, 253.535.8180, hambriaz@plu.edu