The Diversity Center is committed to empowering the PLU community to engage in dialogue, programs, and initiatives that promote and enhance equity, agency, and action.

We value:

Critical Reflection: Recognizing and examining assumptions, values, attitudes, and emotions and how they guide out actions, decisions, and how we interact with others
Perspective taking: Acknowledging, respecting, and exploring divergent viewpoints, ideas, experiences, and traditions with empathy
Community: Taking ownership of our membership in multiple communities and developing meaningful relationship with others to work towards positive change.                                                                                             
Care: For PLU community members who identify as people of color, LGBTQIA+, Commuter, Transfer, Veterans, Undocumented students, and those interested in diversity, justice, and sustainability.



A center community of programs and resources committed to cultivating social justice minded leaders and advocating for equity

The CAVE & Kreidler Lounge

Communities for commuter, transfer, and veteran students.

PLU Community Garden

Dedicated to adding local, fresh produce to the Parkland community.


Connecting PLU Alumni through Diversity, Justice, and Sustainability