Spring 2021 Update:

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, The Diversity Center AUC spaces (dCenter, The CAVE, and our new space) will not be open for hanging out and studying.  Alongside other Center staff we are working to create a “Virtual Center” to welcome our communities.  Diversity Center Staff are available for appointment based online and in person meetings.  We look forward to hopefully welcoming you back in soon!

The Diversity Center is committed to empowering the PLU community to engage in dialogue, programs, and initiatives that promote and enhance equity, agency, and action.

We Value

Critical Reflection: Recognizing and examining assumptions, values, attitudes, and emotions and how they guide out actions, decisions, and how we interact with others.

Perspective taking: Acknowledging, respecting, and exploring divergent viewpoints, ideas, experiences, and traditions with empathy.

Community: Taking ownership of our membership in multiple communities and developing meaningful relationship with others to work towards positive change.

Care: For PLU community members who identify as people of color, LGBTQIA+, Commuter, Transfer, Veterans, Undocumented students, and those interested in diversity, justice, and sustainability.

Our Goals


To cultivate a sense of belonging for minoritized students at PLU


To nurture a diverse community of justice-minded leaders


Foster the PLU’s commitment to diversity, justice, and sustainability

Fall 2020 Connections

Virtual dCenter

Full schedule of community & dialogue. Pop in anytime to say hi!

Lute Master Class

Community for commuter, transfer, and veteran students.

Community Garden

Adding local, fresh produce to the Parkland community.

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