The Center for Gender Equity is closed during the summer from May 20th – August 10th. If you have urgent CGE-related needs during this break please contact Angie Hambrick at hambriaz@plu.edu.

If you are seeking advocacy services between these dates, please reach out to the following confidential on and off-campus resources:

We Value

Community because interdependence is crucial to our thrival and therefore, collective liberation

Advocacy because working collaboratively to increase knowledge, highlight strengths, and navigate challenges empowers our communities to determine equitable solutions.

Engaged Inquiry because critical thinking, active listening, and intentional questioning allows us to curate resources that serve our most marginalized community members.

Sustainability because by integrating both immediate and long term considerations, we bolster our capacity
for social and cultural change.

We have a new space!

We now share a lounge with the Diversity Center in AUC 140.
CGE Director – Angie Hambrick’s, office is located in the dCenter suite room 151.
CGE Coordinator – Nicole Jordan’s office is located in the dCenter suite room 154.
CGE Coordinator – Magdalena Stickel’s office is located in the dCenter suite room 156.

We are available by appointment:
Click here to meet with Angie Hambrick, PhD
Click here to meet with Nicole Jordan
Click here to meet with Magdalena Stickel

 We look forward to building community with you! 

Advocacy & Response

Campus Services for Victims/Survivors of Violence

Trans and Gender Non-Conforming

Resource Database

Peer Education (PACE)

Peer Advocacy and Community Education (PACE)

Academic Program

Gender, Sexuality, and Race Studies Department at PLU