The Center for Gender Equity is a wonderful place to visit! Whether you want to study at our dining room table or hang out on our comfy couches, know that you are welcome here!

Our Mission

Pacific Lutheran University’s Center for Gender Equity supports, challenges, and empowers students, staff, and faculty to combat gender-based oppression and enact positive social change.

Our Vision

We envision a world where people of all gender identities and expressions are free to pursue their intellectual , professional, and personal goals.

Gender Equity Celebration - 30th Anniversary of the CGE
Peer Education (PACE)

Peer Advocacy and Community Education (PACE)

Engagement & Outreach

Reaching Allies, Building Community and Social Justice

Advocacy & Response

Campus Services for Victims/Survivors of Violence

Academic Program

Women's & Gender Studies Department at PLU

Trans and Gender Non-Conforming

Resource on Campus within the Community and about Being an Ally.