Center for Gender Equity: Fighting gender-based oppression and enacting social change since 1990
Our Mission: Pacific Lutheran University's Center for Gender Equity supports, challenges, and empowers students, staff, and faculty to combat gender-based oppression and enact positive social change.
Our Values: Community because interdependence is critical to our collective liberation, Advocacy because working collaboratively empowers our communities to create equitable solutions, Engaged Inquiry because critical thinking and active listening allow us to create resources that serve our most marginalized community members, & Sustainability because by integrating both immediate and long term considerations, we better our capacity for social and cultural change.
Advocacy & Response

Campus Services for Victims&Survivors of Violence

Trans* & GNC Resources

Resource Database for transgender and gender non-conforming students, faculty, and staff.

Peer Education (PACE)

Peer Advocacy and Community Education (PACE)

Academic Programs

Gender, Sexuality, and Race Studies Department at PLU