Major in Hispanic Studies

A minimum of 36 semester hours beyond HISP 102, including:

Language and Composition
4-12 semester hours of Spanish language and critical writing for second language or heritage learners. Students with prior background in Spanish should consult the Language Placement Guide for a recommendation on the appropriate level to start their studies.

  • HISP 201 (4)
  • HISP 202 or 252 (4)
  • HISP 301 or 351 (4)

Introduction to Literary and Cultural Studies
12 semester hours

  • HISP 321: Iberian Cultural Studies (4)
  • HISP 322: Latin American Cultural Studies (4)
  • HISP 325: Introduction to Hispanic Literary Studies (4)

Advanced Literary, Linguistic, and Cultural Studies
8-16 semester hours, selected from the following:

  • LTST 341: Latino/a/x Experiences in the U.S. (4)
  • LTST 342: U.S. Latino/a/x Literary and Cultural Studies (4)
  • HISP 401: Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics (4) OR HISP 403: Advanced Spanish (Study Away) (4)
  • HISP 423: Special Topics in Iberian Literatures & Cultures (4)
  • HISP 433: Special Topics in Latin American Literatures & Cultures (4)

Capstone Project
4 semester hours

  • HISP 499

Latino Studies courses are taught in English. No more than one course taught in English may count towards the major.

Majors are strongly encouraged to pursue at least one semester of study in a Spanish-speaking country on a program approved by the Hispanic Studies faculty. Majors may not normally fulfill the requirements for the major through the election of 300-level courses during the senior year.

Continuation Policy

To remain in the Hispanic Studies major, students must maintain a 2.50 overall grade point average (GPA) and maintain a 2.50 GPA in all Hispanic and Latino Studies courses required for the major or the minor.