25th Anniversary Album

25th-anniversaryChoral Union – Richard Nance, Director

the-american-prizeThis disc won the 2011 American Prize for outstanding recorded performance by a community chorus. Repertoire included on this two-disc collection includes Benjamin Britten’s The Company of Heaven; Gloria (from Missa Brevis) by Zoltan Kodaly; Veljo Tormis’ Autumn Landscapes; Morten Lauridsen’s Sure On This Shining Night; Bob Chilcott’s The Making of the Drum and Felix Mendelssohn’s Verleih’ uns Frieden. Established in 1984, this recording is in celebration of the Choral Union’s 25th Anniversary.


Compact Disc – 2010

PLU Multimedia Recordings — Pacific Lutheran University

Program - Disc 1

The Company of HeavenBenjamin Britten (1913-1976)
Part One:  Before the Creation
1I. Chaos (Introduction for orchestra)5:00
2Speaker (Text by Theodosius)1:00
3II. The morning stars (Hymn for chorus and orchestra)  3:02
Part Two:  Angels in Scripture
4Speaker (Text by Thomas Heywood):35
5IIIa. Jacob (Chorus and organ):22
6Speaker (Text from Genesis XXVIii 10-12, 16-17):58
7IIIb. Elisha (Chorus and organ):24
8Speaker (Text from 2 Kings VI 15-17):52
9IIIc. Hail Mary! (Soprano solo, chorus and organ):42
10Speaker (Text from Luke I 26-28, 21, 38):52
11IV. Christ, the fair glory (Hymn for soloists, chorus and orchestra)2:37
12Speaker (Text by Christina Rossetti):43
13V. War in heaven (Male chorus and orchestra)3:25
Part Three:  Angels in Common Life and at our Death
14VI. Heaven is here (Soprano solo, chorus and orchestra)4:19
15Speaker (Text by R. Ellis Roberts):21
16VII. A thousand thousand gleaming fires (Tenor solo and orchestra)2:08
17Speaker (Text by R. Ellis Roberts)1:38
18VIII. Funeral march for a boy (Orchestra)3:44
19Speaker (Text by Christina Rossetti)1:07
20IX. Whoso dwelleth under the defence of the most High4:06
21Speaker (Text by William Blake):52
22X. Lento maestoso (Speaker and orchestra)2:10
23XI. Ye watchers and ye holy ones (Hymn for soloists, chorus and orchestra)5:16

Program - Disc 2

1Gloria (from Missa brevis), Zoltan Kodály (1882-1967)
Chris McCafferty, Tenor  •  Jonathan Young, Organ
Conrad Susa (b. 1935)
Sügismaastikud (Autumn Landscapes)Veljo Tormis  (b. 1930)
2I. On hilissuvi (It Is Late Summer)1:53
3II. Üle taeva joksevad pilved (Clouds Are Racing)2:10
4III. Kahvatu valgus (Pale Light)1:25
5IV. Valusalt punased lehed (Painfully Red Are The Leaves):45
6V. Tuul könnumaa kohal (Wind Over The Barrens)1:23
7VI. Külm sügisöö (Cold Autumn Night)1:44
8VII. Kanarbik (Heather)1:48
9Sure On This Shining Night (from “Nocturnes”) pub. Songs of Peer, LTD
Amy Grinsteiner, Piano
Morten Lauridsen (b. 1943)5:55
The Making of the Drum
Miho Takanawa, Marimba
Bob Chilcott (b. 1955)
10I. The Skin2:24
11II. The Barrel of the Drum4:11
12III. The Two Curved Sticks of the Drummer3:37
13IV. Gourds and Rattles2:00
14V. The Gong-Gong3:35
15Verleih’ uns Frieden  pub. EC Schirmer Music CoFelix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy (1809-1847)4:54