Who we are
We value a caring, diverse, and inclusive community that fosters a sense of belonging for all students, staff, and faculty. As a community of scholars we work together to solve problems, produce knowledge, and collaborate on research endeavors to enhance learning and prepare students for future vocations.

How we teach
We value student-centered, evidence-based teaching. Using multiple means of engagement, we encourage our students’ intellectual curiosity and critical thinking about the natural world. Through our teaching, mentorship, and example, we help students develop scientific literacy.

What we create
We value applying the scientific method as a tool for discovery and informing evidence-based beliefs about the world and our place within it. We believe this discovered knowledge can fulfill our fundamental human desire for understanding as well as improve our planet and our daily lives through its broad application, such as to medicine, agriculture, and technology.

We educate students within the liberal arts tradition to apply scientific and quantitative reasoning to seek answers and pursue just solutions to our world’s evolving challenges by working in their local and global communities.

PLU’s College of Natural Sciences aims to create a vibrant STEM community where faculty facilitate the learning and growth of our students and help them to become adept communicators and active, engaged members of professional and local communities. Our students utilize scientific and quantitative reasoning and disciplinary-specific technologies and skills to exhibit care for people, other organisms, and the Earth.