The PLU Dual-Degree Engineering Program

The Dual-Degree Engineering Program at Pacific Lutheran University provides students with the opportunity to combine a liberal arts education with rigorous study in engineering. Students who complete the program earn two degrees — one from PLU and the other from an ABET-accredited engineering school. The total length of study is usually five years: three years at PLU and two years at the engineering school. Hence, the program is often referred to as “3-2 Engineering.”

The PLU Degree

The Dual-Degree student is awarded a PLU degree when the PLU requirements are satisfied and the program of study at the engineering school is completed. The PLU degree most often awarded to Dual-Degree students is the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Physics. The physics degree can be selected for all engineering subdisciplines, but students wishing to study chemical engineering or biomedical engineering often choose to obtain the B.A. in Chemistry from PLU.


Dr. Bogomil Gerganov
Dual-Degree Program Director
Associate Professor of Physics

Affiliated Engineering Schools and Available Engineering Majors

As indicated in the table below, many subdisciplines of engineering are available to students in Dual-Degree Engineering, including electrical, mechanical, civil, chemical, and biomedical engineering. Formal agreements are maintained with Columbia University in New York City and Washington University in St. Louis. Occasionally, a student may choose to transfer to a non-affiliated institution for the final two years of study, but in such cases there can be additional requirements imposed by the engineering school. PLU students who have participated in 3-2 Engineering tell us of their rich cultural and academic experiences at both schools, and they are routinely very pleased with their decision to have participated in the program.

The check marks below link to the specific programs at the engineering schools.

Program AreaAffiliated Schools
Columbia UniversityWashington University
in St. Louis

Applied Mathematics
Applied Physics
Biomedical Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Computer Engineering
Computer Science
Earth & Environmental Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Engineering Management
Engineering Mechanics
Financial Engineering
Industrial Engineering
Materials Science and Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Operations Research
Systems Science and Engineering

For more information, contact the PLU Dual-Degree Program Director:

Dr. Bogomil Gerganov
Associate Professor of Physics and Director of Dual-Degree Engineering