2019 Physics Capstone Symposium

Join the Physics Department to hear the senior capstone presentations. Student presentations will take place Friday May 10, 2019. Talks are scheduled in Morken 105.

Fluids and Waves

1:45 Laura Glastra “Microplastic Adsorption of Heavy Metals in Estuarine Systems”

2:00 Adam Lamontagne “Non-Newtonian fluid response to impact: An exploration”

2:15 Jeremy Flannery “Fundamentals of Fourier Transforms”

30-minute break



3:00 Robert Norton “A Review of Brewster’s Angle”

3:15 Chris Anderson “Investigating an Optical Model for Plasma Produced in Grapes”


Material Science

3:30 Sydney Spray “Don’t Go Braking my Heart: An Analysis of the Factors Influencing the Braking Coefficient of an ATC Device.”

3:45 Nate Lee “Experimental Determination of Elastic Constants for Chocolate”

30-minute break


Particles and Dynamics

4:30 Amber Cooper “Catchin’ Some Rays:  Analysis of Cosmic Ray Tracks in a Homemade Cloud Chamber”

4:45 Joe Sammartino “Alexa, I need help with physics”: Designing Two Alexa Skills



5:00 Megan Longstaff “Jupiter’s Impact on Asteroids”

5:15  Justin DeMattos “The Orbital Dance of Two of Saturn’s Moons: Epimetheus and Janus”


Capstone Professor Dr. Katrina Hay hay@plu.edu