2018 Physics Capstone Symposium

Join the Physics Department to hear the senior capstone presentations. Student presentations will take place Friday May 11, 2018. Talks are scheduled in Morken 132.

Computational Modeling

3:00 Ashley Clendenen, “Exploring the Behavior of Two Dimensional Oscillators”

3:15 Carl Sanderson, “A traffic flow model and perturbations caused by driver behavioral changes”



3:30 Carly Stauffer, “Detective Mode: A Sweeping Investigation of the Helium-Neon Laser”

3:45 Nick Morrison, “Repairing Lab Equipment on a Budget”



4:00 Kimberley Belmes, “Further Investigation of the Time Evolution of Cool, Metallic Absorption Features in UV Burst Spectra”



4:15 Chan Thourk, “Magnetic Field Strength Fluctuation and Temperature”


Waves and Fluids

4:30 Cecelia McRoberts Legg, “Analysis and Simulation of Factors Influencing the Wavelength of Sand Ripples”

4:45 Emma Southard, “Exploring Fluid ‘Smoke’ Rings”



5:00 Karsten Hendrickson,  “An Analysis of Aeroelastic Flutter”

5:15  Alex Moore, “A Tennis Ball and an Arm: How a Trebuchet’s Arm Length Affects Throwing Distance”


Capstone Professor Dr. Katrina Hay hay@plu.edu