Social Work is a profession dedicated to helping people.

In the Department of Social Work at PLU, we prepare you for a fulfilling career in community care for others, including children, youth, and families; working with marginalized and disenfranchised populations; addressing community behavioral health needs; and bringing about social change. Learn from passionate experts in the field, gain hands-on experience through local agency practicums, and be prepared to enter the workforce directly or pursue graduate studies.

You can find PLU graduates from the Department of Social Work in hospitals, schools, and community health centers, providing support for illness, therapy, and youth services. Witness their impact in rehabilitation centers for prisoners and drug and alcohol support; experience outreach and long-term care in nursing homes and shelters. From aiding military members and veterans to leading nonprofits and shaping policies, social workers make a difference in diverse roles across communities.

Assistant Professor Ran Winnett leads the SOCW 360 course, Thursday, April 6, 2023, in Hauge at PLU. (PLU Photo / Sy Bean)


PLU’s BSW is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE). The MSW is in the process of being accredited and plans to enter candidacy in 2024.

Community Partnerships

100% of BSW students get hands-on learning experiences through over 400 hours of field practicum.

Pathway to MSW

PLU’s BSW graduates can be directly admitted with advanced standing to PLU’s MSW program and automatically receive a 10% tuition discount for the MSW.

PLU’s Department of Social Work offers:

Undergraduate Program

Explore our Bachelor in Social Work (BSW)

Graduate Program

Explore our Master of Social Work (MSW)

Minor in Social Work

Explore our minor in social work