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Spring 2018 Social Work Capstones

Friday May 4, 2018 - Admin 101

Black and Blue: Bullying in America and the Roles Social Workers Have in Reducing it

Jeremy Muskus

The Role of Social Workers in Creating Comprehensive Education: The Correlation Between ADHD and Delinquency

Emily Odegard

Social Work’s Function in Reducing Substance Abuse and Health Risks in the United States

Diana Demchuk

15 Minute Break

Psychosocial Disorders and Type I Diabetes: What Social Workers Need to Know about the Cost of Invisibility and Misunderstanding

H. Darcy King-Peterson

It’s Not Where You Come From, It’s Where You Belong: Adoption and Identity

Mariah Fore

Permanency Planning in the Foster Care System

Ashley Lambertson

Saturday May 5, 2018 - Xavier 250

Mental Health or Delinquency: What Social Workers See & The Justice System Forgets

KayLee Wiest

Social Work’s Place at the Intersection of Substance Abuse and Criminal Justice: How Opioid Users Survive Incarceration

Shannon Kelly

The Importance of Education to the Successful Future of Immigrant Children: Social Work’s Role

Vianey Cadenas

Youth & Mental Health: How Social Workers Help Free the LGBTQ Community

Jacob Cruz

15 Minute Break

Guns, Violence and the Victimization of Vulnerable Youth – A Social Work Perspective

Ty Dilworth

After School Programs: Social Workers Role in Building a Community

Allison Ash

Green Social Work: An Emerging Practice That Needs Indigenous Voices

Meagan Galacgac

Love Shouldn’t Hurt: A Social Work Perspective of Intimate Partner Violence against Women

Hannah Chase