B.A. in Social Work at PLU: Admission Procedures

Social work is an academic discipline and a practice profession. Social workers envision an economically, socially, and racially just world in which resources and opportunities are more equitably distributed. Social workers engage in critical analyses of power relations, aim to dismantle inequitable social structures, and work in solidarity with groups that experience poverty, oppression, and exploitation. Social workers assist individuals, families, groups, and communities to achieve their goals, while also working toward macro-level, policy, and institutional change.

If you want to assist others, serve your communities, and work toward social change, a bachelor’s degree in Social Work at PLU could be your path to a meaningful career in social work, human services, and other health and education fields.

If you are a transfer student, you will need to apply to Pacific Lutheran University and be admitted before you can proceed.

If you are a current PLU student interested in changing your area of study to social work by declaring the social work major, please contact department chair, Heidi Brocious, for more information: socw@plu.edu.