The Social Work Curriculum

The B.A. in Social Work at Pacific Lutheran University is designed to prepare individuals for entry-level generalist social work practice. The social work curriculum is based on an integrated, developmental approach to learning and reflects a national consensus on social work education. Each course counted in the Social Work major must be completed with at least a C-.

Course Offerings:

  • 190 Introduction to Social Work
  • 175 January Term on the Hilltop
  • 232 Research Methods
  • 250 Social Policy I
  • 245 Human Behavior in the Social Environment
  • 320 Child Welfare: A Global Perspective
  • 325 Social, Health, and Educational Services in Tobago
  • 350 Social Policy II
  • 360 Social Work Practice I
  • 375 Social Services in the Community (minors)
  • 387 Special Topics
  • 475 Field Experience I
  • 485 Field Seminar I
  • 460 Social Work Practice II
  • 476 Field Experience II
  • 486 Field Seminar II
  • 465 Social Work Practice III
  • 499 Senior Capstone
  • 491 Independent Study

Declare Your Major or Minor

You must be accepted to the social work program before you can declare a social work major. To declare a minor, schedule an appointment with JoDee Keller, Chair of Social Work.


Students preparing to apply to the social work program are advised to include these courses in their program of study: BIOL 111, ANTH 102, PSYC 101/190, and SOCI 101/190. Students interested in a survey of social work and its opportunities are encouraged to take SOCW 101/190, Introduction to Social Work.