The Social Work Curriculum

The B.A. in Social Work at Pacific Lutheran University is designed to prepare individuals for entry-level generalist social work practice. The social work curriculum is based on an integrated, developmental approach to learning and reflects a national consensus on social work education. Each course counted in the Social Work major must be completed with at least a C-.

Course Offerings:

  • 190 Introduction to Social Work
  • 175 January Term on the Hilltop
  • 232 Research Methods
  • 250 Social Policy I
  • 245 Human Behavior in the Social Environment
  • 320 Child Welfare: A Global Perspective
  • 325 Social, Health, and Educational Services in Tobago
  • 350 Social Policy II
  • 360 Social Work Practice I
  • 375 Social Services in the Community (minors)
  • 387 Special Topics
  • 475 Field Experience I
  • 485 Field Seminar I
  • 460 Social Work Practice II
  • 476 Field Experience II
  • 486 Field Seminar II
  • 465 Social Work Practice III
  • 499 Senior Capstone
  • 491 Independent Study

Declare Your Major or Minor

To declare a major/minor, schedule an appointment with Heidi Brocious, Chair of Social Work or speak with your advisor.


Students preparing to apply to the social work program are advised to include these courses in their program of study: BIOL 111, ANTH 102, PSYC 101/190, and SOCI 101/190. Students interested in a survey of social work and its opportunities are encouraged to take SOCW 101/190, Introduction to Social Work.