A Distinctive Link

Many universities have their share of interesting places to live and opportunities for involvement in campus activities from the arts to clubs and athletics, and PLU does too. But few universities offer the stunning beauty and outdoor recreational opportunities of the Pacific Northwest. What really makes PLU distinctive is the way that life in-class and life out-of-class are so closely linked.

For example, Hong International Hall – a hub for campus activities focused on language, culture and international issues – features student-living and faculty offices in the same building. In the acoustically brilliant Lagerquist Concert Hall, students practice and perform in one of the most extraordinary venues in the region.

The bonds you develop with your professors in the classroom carry over just about everywhere. On Garfield Street, students and faculty meet at a coffee house to talk about a movie they’ve just seen or their progress on a chemistry project. The highly acclaimed Wild Hope Project brings together students and faculty to discover the greater purpose and meaning in life.

This is what university life is all about – tackling the day’s issues, big and small. And there is no better way to do this than as part of a thoughtful, caring community. These special relationships ensure that you have every opportunity to succeed, both academically and personally.

We call it the PLU experience.

Risk and Reward

PLU investment club rides the economic roller coaster and finds out what it’s like to invest real money in the market and what it takes to show gains.

Student takes stewardship into own hands

Reed Ojala-Barbour brings together the entire PLU community to help create a nature preserve on campus.