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Hello from England! 🇬🇧

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Students smile into the camera and stand in downtown London.
January 30, 2024

January Term (J-Term for short), PLU’s month-long term between fall and spring semesters, is when many of our students take advantage of our incredible study away options in multiple places around the world. Planned and coordinated by professors and PLU’s study away center, J-Term study away class options range from Marine Biology in the Bahamas to a Political Science course on the Presidency in Washington D.C. Check out the photos from students this J-Term studying in England!

Are you interested in learning more about travel away J-Term classes? See where PLU students can spend their J-Term in 2025.

Lutes in Oxford are studying the contested history of religion and politics through visiting sites where people fought for freedom from imperial Christianity, where early evangelicals registered their dissent against the established order, and where future prime ministers and other members of Parliament developed enduring arguments about religion and politics. #JTerm #LutesAway2024 #LutesEmbraceComplexity