Retention of Legal and Vital Records

Description of RecordsCare of RecordsFinal Disposition
Charter or articles of incorporation

Constitution, bylaws, and continuing resolutions

Deeds, titles, surveys, leases, mortgages, easements, blueprints, and construction drawings

Insurance policies (current and retired)

Copies of letters of call to the pastors and ELCA rostered church workers

Documentation creating endowment funds and for bequests, gifts, and endowments
Secure these documents by placing them in a fire-proof safe or maintaining copies in an off-site location.
Keep the constitution current and send a copy to the synod for approval.
Place in the congregation's archives.
Minutes of regular and special congregational meetings

Minutes of the congregation council and its executive committee
Place in the congregation's archives
Tax-exempt status reports and documentation or the congregation's 9 digit federal employer i.d. number

Current service or construction contracts and warranties

Employment contracts

Policy documents (which may be in continuing resolutions)

Personnel handbooks and employee benefit programs
Maintain while currentPlace in the congregation's archives