Retention of Correspondence, including E-mail

Description of RecordsCare of RecordsFinal Disposition
Correspondence of the bishop and assistants to the bishopE-mail is especially vulnerable to loss. E-mail that represents the policies, program, and ongoing life of the synod should be printed out.

Letters and e-mail to and from officers of the synod or with the presiding bishop of the ELCA should be kept for the tenure of the bishop; the files then should be appraised for permanent value. Only letters that describe the program and ongoing life of the synod should be kept for the archives.
Send to the synod or regional archives upon completion of service.
Correspondence with pastors of the synodLetters and e-mails with pastors of the synod should be
handled according to the guidelines in Care of Information on Persons Rostered
(See Information on Rostered Persons).