Retention of Information on Synod Employees

Disposition of RecordsCare of RecordsFinal Disposition
Letters of application

Letters of call

Position description

Mobility form


Continuing education

Honors and clippings
Retain for the tenure of the employee.Send to the synod or regional archives upon completion of service.
Letters of recommendation

Background checks

Performance appraisal


Health related documents,
including worker’s
If the information attests to the employee's fitness to fulfill a responsibility or perform a service, it should be retained for 50 years after completion of service.

If the information relates to a possible claim or lawsuit by others involving the employee's conduct or duties, it should be retained in the synod office or under controlled access in the synod or regional archives for 50 years after completion of service.
Shred either upon completion of service or after 50 years, according to guidelines in the "Care of Records" column.
Emergency notification formsRetain while currentDestroy upon completion of service